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Catalogue of Social Innovation

Catalogue of Social Innovation is a collection of information on completed activation and support projects. The data on completed projects includes descriptions of the target groups and their needs, project goals, forms of support, detailed information on the cost, time and venue of the activities, products and outcomes, and innovation. Catalogue resources are developed by users of the tool. In addition to the standard option of browsing information on projects according to specific criteria, the Catalogue offers an additional feature – social assessment. The Catalogue enables preparation of statistical summaries which facilitate analysis of the data contained therein. The Catalogue is also a great place to promote one’s “own” innovation projects in the area of social policy. It facilitates the dissemination of proven forms of assistance among local decision-makers, implementers of social policy, and beneficiaries.
The Catalogue has been created to meet the need for a tool that would bring together information about effective social initiatives based on assistance programmes financed from different sources. The Catalogue of Social Innovation helps to solve problems associated with the implementation of existing projects in a new context and to gain knowledge about previous projects. The Catalogue’s database presents a uniquely wide range of know-how in an accessible form. Moreover, in traditional databases, the information about a project is often incomplete and becomes useless as a model ofimitable solutions. In response to this problem, the Catalogue uses a description form that contains answers to questions about the many faces of a project, such as social problems, funding and expenditure, legal basis, replication of solutions, and up-to-date contact details.

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