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Network of Social Innovation Leaders

The project Network of Social Innovation Leaders is a hub for Social Innovation Leaders (trained in the Training System to disseminate a new model of social policy in local communities) and serves as a forum for the exchange of experiences, enabling Social Innovation Leaders to search for proven solutions and promote them among local communities as well as to share their experiences in local communities with the Network. The Network of Social Innovation Leaders is created by people who work for the local community, recognise the need for change, and engage others into cooperation: government employees, activists, members of NGOs, members of formal and informal groups of people pursuing or interested in the tasks of social policy. The Network of Social Innovation Leaders creates a space for the exchange of practical information on the methods and tools of introducing social innovation, with a particular focus on the tools in an innovative model of a proactive social policy – the Calculator of Costs of Inaction. The communication hub of Social Innovation Leaders is a forum which can be found in the Diffuser of Social Innovation, in the communication module. It is a venue for interactive meetings between Leaders from the Masovian Voivodeship participating in the Calculator of Costs of Inaction project and, in the future, of other Leaders from Poland and other countries. The objective for the project is an active exchange of information between 113 Social Innovation Leaders who have been adequately educated (Training System). They will be able to share the knowledge and skills gained by participating in project activities (psychological diagnosis, couching, training, seminars, workshops, study tours) on forums intended for the exchange of ideas, new solutions concerning the development of the municipality, strategies of establishing cooperation with institutions, raising financial resources for innovation, investing in social policy tasks, etc.

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