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Social Calculator

Social Calculator is an IT tool which enables estimation of the costs of inaction with respect to activation and support measures for people requiring social assistance within a time horizon of seven years.The Calculator has been designed to present the financial consequences of taking action or inaction in terms of assistance to disadvantaged people. This allows an analysis of the effects that may occur in the future as a result of taking or failing to take optional social assistance measures. The tool aids the decision-making process by providing arguments (“cost scenarios” that will occur in the future in connection with the decisions taken) as regards the funds earmarked for activities related to social assistance. In other words, the Calculator provides “hard” arguments (estimates of amounts) in discussions on the social budgets of municipalities and poviats. The tool, in its current version, permits simulation for ten of the social problems included in the catalogue described in the Act on Social Assistance:
  • unemployment,
  • poverty,
  • disability,
  • homelessness,
  • helplessness in matters of guardianship and upbringing,
  • orphanhood,
  • long-term or serious illness
  • alcoholism,
  • drug addiction,
  • difficulties in transition to after-prison life,
  • integration of foreigners with refugee status or subject to subsidiary protection.
It should be emphasised that the tool assists the decision-making process with regard to support measures, but does not replace it.

Read/download Guidance Package Social Calculator