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'Strategy of Social Problem Solving' Generator

The ‘Strategy of Social Problems Solving’ Generator organises the development of Strategies by introducing a specific path of work on the document and a document structure based on the individual steps.
In preparing a strategy document, the following stages of work are recommended:
STAGE I – Initiation of work.
STAGE II – Appointment of a team to develop/update the Strategy of Social ProblemsSolving.
STAGE III – Organisation of a survey.
STAGE IV – Preparation of a Strategy of Social Problems Solving in the Generator.
STAGE V – Public consultation of the draft strategy and preparation of the final document.
More information can be found in a manual entitled “The Process of Developing/Updating a Strategy of Social Problems Solving Through Social Participation”.
Strategy Generator is an IT tool supporting the process of preparing a municipal or poviat strategy for solving social problems, and it enables the development of a strategy document in a standardised way, both in terms of content and form. Thus, it ensures consistency between the strategies adopted by different local governments: municipal, poviat, and regional. The Generator follows a model path of preparing strategies for solving social problems for the municipality and the poviat, taking into account the principle of public participation and covers the succesive steps of strategy development, monitoring and evaluation.
When creating a Strategy with the Generator, the user also gets easy access to information collected in other tools of the Calculator of Costs of Inaction Model (e. g. publications and raports avaiable in the Diffuser od Social Innovation and estimates of the costs of action in the Social Calculator).

Read/download Guidance Package "Strategy of Social Problem Solving" Generator